Vom Feinsten

Adult with Turkey + Cheese

Vom Feinsten for Neutered Cats delivers its promise of delicious, healthy, balanced nutrition at the highest level for adult neutered cats. Neutering alters hormone levels considerably. Daily energy consumption drops, but at the same time the appetite — and therefore food intake — increases. Neutered cats are therefore particularly susceptible to weight gain. Highly digestible protein from pure turkey muscle meat, combined with a low fat content helps to achieve the desired stability in weight. This fine gourmet paté provides all the nutrition a fully-grown cat needs. The careful selection and quality of the meaty ingredients guarantee a unique culinary delight.

  • indulgence at its finest
  • for neutered cats
  • fine gourmet paté from lean turkey muscle meat
  • no grain, no soya
  • with natural taurine
  • no artificial colours, no preservatives


Turkey (53 %), cheese (4 %), calcium carbonate, sodium chloride

Feeding recommendation

Weight of the cat Indoor Active
2 kg 135 g 155 g
3 kg 175 g 210 g
4 kg 215 g 250 g
5 kg 250 g 290 g
6 kg 285 g 325 g

For an individual feeding recommendation please contact Ms. Dr. Radicke.

Analytical constituents

Protein 12 %, fat content 4,4 %, crude fiber 0,3 %, crude ash 1,8 %, moisture 80 %

Nutrient % per 100 g
Protein 12
Fat content 4.4
Crude ash 1.8
Crude fiber 0.3
Moisture 80

Nutritional additives per kg

Iodine (E2) 0,1 mg
Copper (E4) 0,5 mg
Manganese (E5) 1,4 mg
Zinc (E6) 5,7 mg
Vitamin A 4000 IE
Vitamin D3 200 IE

Metabolizable energy per 100g in MJ


For an individual feeding recommendation please contact Ms. Dr. Radicke.

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