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Carny®– Meaty fresh, the way cats love it!

Cats are by nature carnivores. They are very fussy, and there’s no fooling them when it comes to quality. Cats can not utilise all essential nutrients from vegetable resources. That’s why Carny® is made exclusively from fresh meaty ingredients, such as heart, lung, meat, liver, fish and other sea-food, supplemented with essential minerals and vitamins. Carny is the naturally appropriate food for your cat. The fresh, meaty ingredients are prepared quickly and gently to retain all essential nutrients. Natural, pure and with the typical taste of meat that cats appreciate so much. Carny is open and honest about declaring exactly what ingredients their products have: all ingredients of animal origin used (such as beef muscle meat, or beef heart, for example) are listed in detail. 



  • 100 % fresh meaty ingredients
  • pure indulgence
  • no grain
  • no flavour enhancers
  • no soja, no sugar
  • no colourings or preservatives