New: Carny® Single Protein

Carny® Single Protein stands for balanced nutrition at the highest level for adult cats from 1 – 6 years old. It is made from 100 % fresh meaty ingredients from one source of animal protein and contains natural omega-3 fatty acids from canola oil. From now, Carny is available in 3 delicious flavours. They convince, like all Carny products, with 100 % fresh ingredients and are made without grain, sugar, soya, artificial colourings and preservatives.

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Meaty fresh, the way cats love it!

Cats are by nature carnivores. That‘s why Carny is made exclusively from fresh meaty ingredients such as heart, lung, meat, liver, fish and other sea-food. Supplemented with essential minerals and vitamins, Carny is the naturally appropriate food for your cat.

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