100 g

Vom Feinsten

with Poultry

Vom Feinsten Kitten delivers its promise of delicious, healthy, balanced nutrition at the highest level for growing kittens in their first year. Young kittens develop their gourmet talents and preferences very early in life. This fine gourmet paté is especially adapted to the nutritional requirements of growing kittens.

For your loved ones, only the finest


63 % meat and animal derivatives (20 % poultry, pork, beef), minerals.

63% Meat and animal derivatives
more information:
Contains drinking water. Drinking water is not a feed material and can therefore not be listed in the declaration.
Minerals are essential inorganic nutrients. A distinction is made between bulk and trace elements. Bulk elements occur in quantities of over 50 mg/kg body weight; trace elements are below this level.
Protein 10 %
fat content 7 %
crude fiber 0.3 %
crude ash 2 %
moisture 80 %.
Nutritional additives per kilo
  • 200 IU 3a671
  • 1 mg 3b406
  • 11.4 mg 3b605
  • 1.4 mg 3b503
  • 0.1 mg 3b202.
Metabolizable energy per 100g in MJ: