85 g3 x 85 g

Vom Feinsten - Snack-Pudding

pure Beef

Dogs love a little treat between meals! And they deserve to be pampered every now and then. A little snack with selected ingredients such as meat and heart that are exclusively beef is just the right thing. Vom Feinsten Custard Snack pure Beef allows you some special moments with your dog in which you can pamper your pet and strengthen the bond between the two of you. The consistency encourages your dog to lick out the dish, which you can easily hold in your hand.

For your loved ones, only the finest

composition :

Meat and animal derivatives (15 % beef), derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals.

more information :
Contains drinking water. Drinking water is not a feed material and can therefore not be listed in the declaration.
Minerals are essential inorganic nutrients. A distinction is made between bulk and trace elements. Bulk elements occur in quantities of over 50 mg/kg body weight; trace elements are below this level.
Protein 3 %
fat content 2 %
crude fiber 0.2 %
crude ash 2.6 %
moisture 92 %.
Nutritional additives per kilo
  • 2 mg 3b605.
Metabolizable energy per 100g in MJ:

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