85 g

INTEGRA PROTECT - Urinary Struvitstein

with Beef

INTEGRA PROTECT Urinary struvite stone cat food has been specially developed for cats to prevent the recurrence of struvite stones. The well-balanced mineral contents as well as the needs-based supply of magnesium and phosphorus ensure that the cat’s urine has a pH value of less than 6.5. At this pH value, struvite stones no longer form.


This dietary food is made without any grains and is therefore suitable for cats with a grain allergy.

Integra Protect… helps, protects and tastes good!

composition :

Meat and animal derivatives (chicken, 14 % beef, pork) vegetables, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, minerals, DL-methionine.

more information :
Contains drinking water. Drinking water is not a feed material and can therefore not be listed in the declaration.
Essential amino acid. Component of proteins. Important for many metabolic processes. A precursor to taurine.
Protein 7.5 %
fat content 6 %
crude fiber 0.5 %
crude ash 1.5 %
moisture 80 %
calcium 0.18 %
phosphorous 0.15 %
sodium 0.2 %
potassium 0.25 %
magnesium 0.02 %
chloride 0.3 %
sulfur 0.16 %
taurine 0.1 %.
Nutritional additives per kilo
  • 180 IU 3a671
  • 0.4 mg 3b202
  • 1.5 mg 3b406
  • 1.2 mg 3b503
  • 20 mg 3b605.
Metabolizable energy per 100g in MJ: