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INTEGRA PROTECT Intestinal was specially developed for cats acute diarrhoea. Highly digestible animal proteins and carbohydrates easy on the stomach protect the gastrointestinal tract. The increased electrolyte content compensates for losses caused by vomiting and diarrhoea.



If the cat also has struvite or calcium oxalate stones, then INTEGRA PROTECT Intestinal can help. Balanced mineral content ensures that cat urine has a pH value of 6.7. At these pH values, no struvite or calcium oxalate stones can form.

Integra Protect… helps, protects and tastes good!


Poultry meat flour (low ash), rice, corn, hydrolized poultry protein, poultry fat, beef tallow, beet pulp, poultry liver, salmon oil, whole egg (dried), sodium chloride, fructooligosaccharides, mannan-oligosaccharides. Easy digestible sole feed: hydrolize

more information:
Is a natural source of sodium and chloride. These are both essential bulk elements
Polysaccharide (carbohydrate). Is a fibre and is used as, among other things, a prebiotic.
Are natural carbohydrate compounds found in yeast cell walls. Important for the balance of bacterial colonisation in the intestine
Protein 31.5 %
fat content 21 %
crude fiber 2 %
crude ash 6.5 %
moisture 6 %
taurine 4.5 g/kg
sodium 0.55 %
potassium 0.5 %.
Nutritional additives per kilo
  • Vitamin A 18000 I.U.
  • vitamin D3 1600 I.U.
  • 3,9 mg E 5
  • 2,9 mg E 4
  • 39 mg 3b603
  • 1 mg 3b202.
Metabolizable energy per 100g in MJ: