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INTEGRA PROTECT Diabetes was specially developed for cats with diabetes mellitus. The high content of protein and the modest supply of carbohydrates ensure a moderate increase of blood glucose after feed intake. INTEGRA PROTECT Diabetes therefore provides an above-average 45 % of its energy in the form of proteins.



This diet food contains no grain, so is also suitable for cats with cereal intolerance.

Integra Protect… helps, protects and tastes good!


Greave meal, potatoes (dried), peas (ground), protein of peas, poultry fat, beef tallow, salmon oil, poultry liver, cellulose, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, green lipped mussle (dried).

more information:
Polysaccharide (carbohydrate). The main component of plant cell walls.
Is a natural source of sodium and chloride. These are both essential bulk elements
Is rich in minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants. Important for ligaments and joints.
Protein 41.5 %
fat content 16.5 %
crude fiber 2.8 %
crude ash 4.56 %
moisture 6 %
starch 24 %
total sugar 2 %.
Nutritional additives per kilo
  • 18000 IU 3a672a
  • 2000 IU 3a671
  • 2.7 mg 3b405
  • 36 mg 3b603
  • 3.6 mg 3b502
  • 1 mg 3b202
  • 1000 mg L-carnitine.
Metabolizable energy per 100g in MJ: