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GranCarno Senior dry food stands for delicious, healthy, balanced nutrition at the highest level for adult dogs of 7 years and older. The careful selection and quality of the ingredients, the high degree of wholesomeness and optimal digestibility form an ideal foundation for the older dog’s wellbeing and agility. Special combinations of vitamins and active ingredients support the immune system, and remove free radicals, thereby slowing down cell ageing. Balanced minerals provide joints and bones with all essential nutrients. In addition, a special vitamin C compound minimises the formation of dental plaque, reducing the risk of tartar formation.

Meaty fresh, the way dogs love it!


Poultry meat meal, corn, rice, beet pulp, poultry fat, beef tallow, poultry liver, fish oil, yeast, corn gluten, spinach (dried), chicory pulp, sodium chloride, dried egg, grape extracts (0.3 %), mussel extracts (0.1 %), yucca schidigera.

29% Poultry
more information:
Medicinal plant. Contains vitamins & minerals. Can reduce unpleasant smell of faeces.
Protein 24 %
fat content 14 %
crude fibre 3.5 %
crude ash 4.5 %
moisture 8 %
calcium 0.9 %
phosphorous 0.6 %.
Nutritional additives per kilo
  • 15000 IU 3a672a
  • 1050 IU 3a671a
  • 150 mg 3a312
  • 3000 mg linoleic acid
  • 0.5 mg 3b202
  • 1.4 mg E 4
  • 56 mg 3b603
  • 1.8 mg 3b502.
Metabolizable energy per 100g in MJ:
Weight of the dogg per day
1–5 kg25–85 g
5–15 kg85–190 g
15–30 kg190–310 g
30–60 kg310–540 g