85 g


chicken + rabbit

The poultry-based Carny® pouches stand for delicious, healthy, balanced nutrition at its best for adult cats from 1 - 6 years old. The selected fresh ingredients, primarily from poultry, guarantee the incomparable taste that cats love so much. Carny Adult provides all the essential nutrients an adult cat needs.

Meaty fresh, the way cats love it!


55 % chicken (gizzard, liver, meat, neck, fat), 10 % rabbit (hearts, lung) calcium carbonate, sodium chloride.

55% Chicken
more information:
Contains drinking water. Drinking water is not a feed material and can therefore not be listed in the declaration.
Calcium carbonate is a natural source of calcium that provides essential calcium.
Is a natural source of sodium and chloride. These are both essential bulk elements
Protein 10.5 %
fat content 5.5 %
crude fiber 0.3 %
crude ash 2.4 %
moisture 80 %
taurine 0.8 g/kg.
Nutritional additives per kilo
  • 200 IU 3a671
  • 0.75 mg 3b202
  • 1.4 mg 3b503
  • 25 mg 3b605
  • 1 mg 3b405.
Metabolizable energy per 100g in MJ: