4 valuable tips on keeping your dog occupied

4 valuable tips on keeping your dog occupied

Dogs are well-known to be great lovers of long sleeping and cuddling sessions. However, it is equally important to actively engage with your four-legged friend. In addition to walking your dog regularly, there are other ways to provide it with meaningful tasks.

Make sure your dog is not underchallenged

Meaningful activities are very important for your pet. This is because when their needs for physical and mental activity are not met, dogs always feel underchallenged. The result is that the dog will look for things to do itself – things that its owner will not necessarily like. Especially popular are gnawing on furniture, scratching doors and wallpaper, and biting into cables and shoes. Lack of stimulating activity can even make dogs ill in the long run; especially for older dogs, boredom can sometimes lead to depression.






A variety of ideas for games

One of the favourite pastimes of a dog and its owner is playing together. However, every game for dogs requires strict time limits and rules. After all, our four-legged friends are always ready for any kind of fun, but they still need time to relax in order to regenerate. Whether with a ball or a tugging toy – as long as you spend time together with your pet, you will afford it the greatest pleasure. Important commands such as “sit!”, “down!” or “fetch!” can also be taught in a playful way – and are, of course, also a lot of fun.

Make your own intelligence game for dogs

It is very easy to make your own intelligence game for dogs. All you need is a plastic carry tray for plant pots or a muffin (cupcake) baking tin/tray. Place some treats in the compartments of the tray and cover them with various objects. The dog then has to pick them up to get to its reward. Alternatively, you can use an empty egg box. Place the treats in the indentations and cover them with kitchen roll. On your command, your little hunter can start to track them down.

Indoor food-hunting games

Hunt-the-treat games are also popular, in which chewy snacks are hidden around the house. The dog is allowed to watch them being hidden until it hears the command “search!”, at which point it runs to find and eat the treats. Having to wait also teaches the dog self-control and helps to train its tolerance of frustration. More advanced dogs are then no longer allowed to watch the treats being hidden, but have to seek them out solely by tracking the scent trail.

Ideal dog snacks for everyday play

The animonda Meat Chunks are particularly well suited as an ideal treat during play. The meaty dog snacks contain only one source of animal protein and are gently air-dried. In the tasty varieties chicken, beef, turkey and lamb, and tailored to the size of your dog, the delicious chunks have a meat content of 98%. Like all animonda products, the snack is produced without grain, sugar and soya, and also provides an ideal reward for nutritionally sensitive dogs. 

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