Only the best for your cat.

Selected meaty raw materials guarantee the best taste.

High-quality meaty ingredients

No unnecessary additives

High acceptance

Natural & unadulterated

No animal testing

Food for cats

No matter whether sweet little kittens, playful adult cats or feline senior citizens. Cats deserve only the best! Our delicious cat food provides cats with all the essential nutrients they need to remain healthy and happy throughout every stage of their lives.

The right food for every phase of life

A cat’s nutritional requirements change over the course of its life. The nutritional composition of the food should therefore be adapted to suit the age of the cat.

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The wide choice of products is perfect for the discerning tastes of our pets. There is something for every time of day; for little snacks or proper meals.

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My cat has always been very choosy when it comes to food and is allergic to some varieties. However, since we switched to Carny Mono-Protein, my little one is doing just fine. With its high meat content, this cat food provides her with exactly what she needs.

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When my two cats moved in with me, they only liked to eat animonda Vom Feinsten, and they still love it!


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