Sensitive Food allergies

INTEGRA PROTECT Sensitive was specially developed for dogs with ingredient intolerances (itchiness/diarrhoea).The exclusively use of one source of animal and plant protein creates remedy (without cereals). Suitable for elimination diets.

Multifunctional: This diet prevents at the same time the formation of struvite and oxalate stones.


What causes a food allergy?

A food allergy may be triggered by any protein of animal or plant origin and may occur very suddenly. It may also be provoked by food that the dog has eaten through all of its life and tolerated well before.

A food allergy cannot be determined from the blood or an allergy test! Reliable diagnosis takes place only through an elimination diet. In principle for the elimination died only one animal and one vegetable protein may be selected. Animal protein that the dog has not been offered before are suitable for this. This elimination diet is fed consistently for at least 2-3 months, with table scraps, dog biscuits, crispy pads, chewing bones, vitamin tablets or flavoured medicines being absolutely forbidden. The veterinarian has to decide always about the stop of medication.

Nutrition with food allergy?

Treatment for a food allergy is in avoiding the triggering feed components. When the elimination diet has been tolerated, it may and must be fed life-long. An allergy cannot be healed.

INTEGRA PROTECT Sensitive offers various varieties that only contain one selected animal and plant protein source each. The use of grain-based proteins has been avoided in particular in dry food. All varieties are suitable for life-long nutrition of the patients thanks to their balanced nutrient composition and high acceptance.

If the dog is not only suffering from nutrient intolerance, but also from struvite or calcium oxalate stones, a suitable diet was hard to find. INTEGRA PROTECT Sensitive now offers the appropriate solution. With a specifically balanced content of minerals, as well as an appropriate supply of magnesium and phosphorus, it leads to an urine with the ideal pH-value between 6,5 - 6,8. These pH-values prevent the formation of struvite or calcium oxalate stones.