Harnsteine prevents formation of uroliths

INTEGRA PROTECT Harnsteine (Urinary) was specially developed for cats to prevent the formation of struvite and oxalate uroliths. Balanced minerals ensure a pH-value of the cat’s urine of 6,6 - 6,7.


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How develop uroliths?

The lower urinary tract of the cat – the urinary bladder and the urethra – can be subject to disease in any cat. This disease is called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). This is often triggered by uroliths, in particular struvite and calcium oxalate. These are produced when normally dissolved minerals conglomerate. The size can range from very small (urine gravel) to several centimetres (uroliths).

Nutrition with urolithiasis?

Two main factors influence the formation of urinarystones in cats. The pH value of the urine is decisive. Second, certain minerals must be present in the urine. The risk ofstruvite uroliths formation increases if the urine has a pH value in excess of 6,8, while calcium oxalate stones occur in acidic urine (< 6,4). In addition to pH-value, urination must be considered as well. It usually takes place at large intervals (1 x day) while being very strongly concentrated.

Special diets continue to be a fundamental element in therapy and prevention. After dissolution (struvite stones) or surgical removal (calcium oxalate stones), a dietary feed can reduce the risk of reccurrence. INTEGRA PROTECT Harnsteine (Urinary) therefore contains a specifically balanced content of minerals, as well as an appropriate supply of magnesium and phosphorus, to promote urination with the ideal pH-value between 6,5 and 6,8.

Just like all INTEGRA PROTECT products, this diet is also characterised by particularly high spontaneous and long-term acceptance. Urination and water intake should be supported in the interest of optimal care of the cat. Therefore, clean water should be freely available and INTEGRA PROTECT Harnsteine (Urinary) should be fed as moist and/or moistened dry food.

It used to be hard to find a suitable dietetic feed if the cat also suffers from food allergy (adverse food reaction). Since treatment of a food allergy usually consists of avoiding the triggering animal and/or vegetable proteins, INTEGRA PROTECT Harnsteine (Urinary) now offers the appropriate solution. All urinary diets are free of grain and contain specifically selected animal proteins. All varieties are suitable for life-long nutrition of the cat thanks to their balanced nutrient composition and high acceptance.

products struvite products oxalate