Insufficient kidney function

INTEGRA PROTECT Nieren (Renal) was specially developed for cats with chronic renal insufficiency (chronic kidney disease = CKD). The reduced content of protein and phosphorous support the kidney function.

Multifunctional: This diet contains at the same time no grain and is therefore suitable for cats with intolerance against cereals.


How does renal insufficiency develop?

Chronic renal insufficiency (chronic renal failure, chronic kidney disease = CKD) is the consequence of progressive and irreversible loss of functional kidney tissue (nephrons). This loss happens secretly and progresses gradually across months and years virtually unnoticed. Visible symptoms unfortunately do not occur until the quantity of functioning kidney tissue drops below 25 %. Kidneys may be damaged by: Infections, shock, autoimmune diseases, congenital abnormalities, intoxication, accident, neoplasia.

Renal diets continue to be a fundamental element of treatment. While having to cover the cat‘s nutritional requirement, they should slow down the progression of the function loss of the kidneys and alleviate symptoms.

Since the excretion of uremic substances from protein metabolism is no longer sufficiently possible, an increased accumulation occurs in the blood. Amongst other the urea content in blood increases and causes nausea, vomiting and gingivitis. Since the phosphorus content of the blood rises up at the same time, hormonal reactions cause calcium deposits (calcification) in the kidneys in addition to this. Therefore it promotes progression of the CKD.


Nutrition with chronic renal insufficiency?

Renal diets thus distinguish themselves from conventional foods by their reduced protein and phosphorus content. INTEGRA PROTECT Nieren (Renal) supplies high quality protein, but at lower levels. This leads to a reduction of uremic substances. The concurrent restriction of phosphorus verifiably also delays the progress of loss of kidney function. The cat‘s condition will improve sustainably and life expectancy can be extended.

It used to be hard to find a suitable dietetic feed if the CKD coincided with food allergy (adverse food reaction). Since treatment of a food allergy usually consists of avoiding the provoking animal and/or plant proteins, INTEGRA® PROTECT Nieren (Renal) now offers the appropriate solution.

All renal diets are grain free and contain specifically selected animal proteins. All varieties are suitable for life-long nutrition of the cat thanks to their balanced nutrient supply and high acceptance. As cats with kidney problems experience changes to their sense of smell and taste and tend to experience aversions to foodstuffs, the change-over to the renal diet should take place at home in familiar surroundings. Particularly in case of chronic renal insufficiency, it is important to follow the diet exclusively and for the cat’s entire lifetime. Additional feeding of „normal“ food, snacks and other food supplements should be avoided in order not to jeopardise the success of therapy.